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Project Bowes
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Project Bowes

Dublin is the city where we live, where some of us grew up. It's a city on the edge of a country, on the edge of a continent, that sometimes thinks it's the centre of everything. More than anything, Dublin is a city full of people. It's brimming with people who choose it as their place to love and to lose, to try and to fail - to live, for better or worse.

We're meeting people who live and work in the city to hear a part of their story and tell it to you.  Stories colour our lives. We tell them to each other every day. The art of fiction and the filter of fact. Project Bowes is a place where both these things collide.

Every time we meet someone, we'll post an interview. Alongside that, we'll post a fictional story inspired by the person we've met. We tell real stories from real people and we tell new stories from possible people. Facts and fictions.

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